Best Cheap Gamer Chairs (for those who don’t want to invest a lot)


Anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer, whether working or playing, knows the importance of being comfortable. In this sense, several details need your attention such as the height of the table, the position of the keyboard and mouse and especially your chair. Check now what are the best cheap gamer chairs that we have separated for you who do not want to spend a lot of money on it now.

Being comfortable is not just about comfort but also your health. For example, in the case of the chair, an error in the adjustment can cause discomfort and pain due to poor posture. 

Gamers chairs are chairs designed precisely for those who spend several hours at the computer.

They are chairs designed to bring comfort and ergonomics, mainly protecting the user’s spine.

In this article, we bring you some tips on how to choose the best cheap gaming chair for you. Also, we got you an exclusive list of the best cheap gaming chairs to buy today.

Be sure to also check out the best gamer chairs on the market for this year.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Cheap Gamer Chair

The gamer market is a market that has grown exponentially in recent years.

As a result, the number of product options available to consumers has also increased significantly.

This is precisely the case with gaming chairs. 

And if you want to complement your experience, even more, choose a good gaming table to use in conjunction with your new chair.

To choose the best cheap gamer chair, you need to keep an eye on some features.

They will determine the quality and durability of the product and the comfort that the chair will provide. 

Below we will explain a little about each of the relevant criteria when choosing your gaming chair.


One of the first characteristics to be observed in the chair is the material. In general, there are two types of materials that gamer chairs are made of leather and fabric.

Regardless of your choice, you need to be aware of cleanliness, durability, and thermal comfort. 

When it comes to cleaning, leather chairs can be more comfortable.

Although any chemical product is not recommended, it is still straightforward to clean, unlike fabrics. 

However, if your option is leather, pay attention to the quality of the leather. This is because some leathers tend to shatter over time, and then it will be necessary to send your chair for a renovation.

Unlike fabrics that do not have this problem, but can tear if misused. 

Therefore, regardless of your choice, you always value sound quality, so high durability is guaranteed.

Finally, the environment in which the gamer chair will also be used directly influences your choice. That’s because, between the leather and the fabric, the first one can get hotter.

Also, if you are subjected to hot, sunny environments, there are many chances that the durability is not good.

In this case, choose the fabric that is more breathable and less damaged by heat.

Adjustment Options

This is perhaps one of the most important and most ignored characteristics of consumers.

The adjustment options are super crucial about user comfort. And it is no less. When we think that different users have different heights and widths, the minimum that a good gaming chair needs to bring is the seat’s height adjustment.

With a reasonable height adjustment, it is possible to relieve possible discomfort in the legs and knees. 

But, not only that. Most gamers’ chairs nowadays already have the option of a very high inclination for the backrest, which is excellent from the point of view of adjustment.

For slightly cheaper gamers chairs, it is common for the slope to be less. Indeed, decreasing this maximum slope makes a difference in comfort; however, lower slopes also provide a lot of ease. 

Although less common, the arms of the chair can also be adjusted. Their height is what determines the degree of comfort when leaving their arms resting.

Whenever you feel pressure on your shoulders when supporting your arms, it is a sign that the adjustment is not correct. 

Finally, but also very important are the adjustments of the lower back and neck. This is not precisely an adjustment in the gamer chair’s assembly, but an adjustment by means of supports.

These supports make a real difference since the neck, and lumbar region are in great demand during long hours in a sitting position.

They are usually made in cushions that follow the curvature of both the lumbar and the neck.

It is possible to improve the user’s posture and comfort significantly. 

Ease of Assembly

Another feature that needs to be considered when choosing the best cheap gaming chair is the ease of assembly.

That’s because if you choose to buy your chair online, it will probably come unassembled.

If the level of difficulty of the assembly is high, and it is necessary to use equipment such as a screwdriver, for example, you may end up having headaches to assemble the kit. 

When choosing the right gamer chair model for you, try to check the assembly part.

Some significant gamers chairs have a tool kit and manual in their assembly set. All of this is described at the time of purchase; just be aware of this detail. 

In any case, if mounting the chair is too complicated for you, you can seek help.

Some professionals specialize in assembling furniture. They already have the necessary tools and the amount charged positively pays off the service provided.

Piston Quality

Gamers chairs usually chair that rest on a pneumatic piston. This piston acts as a support axis for the seat on the feet. 

The importance of piston quality has a lot to do with the gamer chair’s durability and the safety of the user. 

In general, the pistons are ranked from 1 to 4. The pistons with the best quality are ranked with level 4, while the pistons with lower rates are ranked with level 1.

Gamers chairs built with level 4 pistons are usually safer. This is because the piston’s quality is higher and because it is capable of supporting more weight than those ranked 1 to 3. 

Poorer quality pistons can burst and cause serious injury to the user. This is why it is essential to keep an eye on the quality of construction.

Also, over time, the tendency is for the piston to lose some of its operating quality.

This means that he will no longer be able to hold the chair’s height, which necessarily causes the chair to need adjustment.

Also, remember to pay attention to the wheels of the chair. If you are going to use the gamer chair in a floor environment, the wheels can be a worrying factor.

This is because, depending on their quality, the chair’s weight and movement can cause severe scratches on the floor.

In the case of wooden floors, the tendency is for the damage to be even more significant. So, also be aware of the material in which the chair wheels are made and their quality. 

An advantage that may be worth keeping an eye on is the manufacturer’s warranty on the product.

Some manufacturers offer simple warranties against factory defects. Other manufacturers often offer specific warranties for parts such as the chair’s wheels, the pneumatic piston, and even the chair’s lining.

All of this must be informed in the product description. Be sure to check it out. 

Colors and Styles

The best cheap gaming chair must also be one that the user likes to use in addition to the quality features. Therefore, it must match the person’s style. 

Knowing this, the manufacturers of gaming chairs have put several options of colors and styles on the market.

It is possible to find gamers chairs in black or black and white, for those who are more discreet and colored chairs for those looking for something more radical. 

Colored chairs can be chosen to match other computer accessories.

Thus, the set will be adjusted to feel good in an environment made to his preference. 

What is the Best Cheap Gamer Chair in 2020?

Knowing the main characteristics to be researched when choosing the best cheap gamer chair, you will notice several quality options.

Still, it may be that the question of which model is the most suitable for its use remains.

Therefore, we decided to bring an exclusive list with some candidates for the best cheap gamer chair in this article.

In it, you will know some of the best products on the market, and you can choose yours. 

Check now our recommendations for good and cheap gaming chairs.

  1. ThunderX3 BC3BK

Best Cheap Gamer Chair

For those looking for nothing less than the best cheap gaming chair on the market, the Thunder X3 BC3BK is the best option. 

It is manufactured by Thunder X3, a company specializing in gamers’ products. That is, we are talking about a company that knows exactly what the gamer needs.

Thus, it is a gamer chair designed to provide comfort and safety to the user, helping in the most extensive games. 

BC3BK is built using Air Tech technology, exclusive to the brand.

We are talking about technology capable of making the chair hyper breathable, avoiding discomfort from constant contact with the material. 

In terms of adjustment, this is also an excellent option. In addition to the height adjustments, it also features adjustments to the chair arms in two directions.

The chair’s backrest also has a very relevant adjustment: it is possible to reach 180 degrees with it. Finally, the chair also has support pillows for both neck and lumbar. 

The BC3BK design is stunning and modern. Its maximum weight capacity is 150 kilos.

It is available in different colors, and all its construction is made of high-quality foam.

This means that in addition to comfort and safety, the chair also has high durability. That is an investment that should last a few years. 


2. ThunderX3 BC-1
Cheap, Cost-effective Gamer Chair
For those looking for the best cost-benefit in the market, the Thunder X3 also presents an excellent option.
We are talking about the BC-1 model, a chair designed for gamers who sit for several hours and need comfort and safety during their games.
The BC-1 is a chair built with Air Tech technology, which brings much more comfort to the entire body region, always in contact with the chair. This is because it is a technology that guarantees the breathability of the whole chair
As for the adjustments, this gamer chair brings height adjustments, with the user’s maximum height being 2 meters. As for the maximum recommended weight, the manufacturer informs the number of 125 kilos.
This height recommendation is based on the ergonomic adjustment that protects the knees and gives comfort to the user.
The weight recommendation refers to comfort and safety, especially about the support axis of the chair.
It is also possible to adjust the arms of this gamer chair in 2 directions.
Also, we have an excellent finish, with quality material and beautiful and elegant design. This finish is all made of polyurethane and carbon fibers.
According to the user’s preference, it is possible to choose between the models in black, blue, and red.
Inside the gamer chair, the high-quality foam ensures that the user’s comfort and safety come first.
Also, your piston also delivers quality at no extra cost.

3. Mymax MX1
Cheap and Comfortable Gamer Chair
If you think it is impossible to buy a cheap and comfortable gamer chair, know that you are quite mistaken.
In terms of low price and comfort, the Mymax MX1 is one of the market’s best gaming chairs.
It is a quality chair, made of resistant synthetic leather. Another significant fact is that the entire frame is made of a metallic structure that guarantees the user’s safety.
In terms of adjustment, this gamer chair is only adjustable in height. This means that she has no adjustment in her back or arms.
Still, the level of comfort it provides is entirely satisfactory.
It is recommended for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, whether working, studying, or playing.
In terms of stability, it has a comfortable balance that helps with ergonomics and comfort.
The chair has cushion support in the lower back to improve the user’s comfort and safety, which significantly enhances ergonomics during use.
The maximum weight supported by this gamer chair is 120 kilos. Its design is quite beautiful and modern.
It is possible to choose between different colors to match the gamer chair with the setup. Those who prefer more discreet models can also opt for black and white.

Cheap Gamer Chair with Good Ergonomics
Another gamer chair that has excellent ergonomics is the EC3 THUNDERX3. So if your priority is spine fit and high comfort, be sure to check out this cheap gaming chair.
When it comes to optimum fit and great comfort for users, THUNDERX3 has not skimped on savings.
In addition to being adjustable up to 180 ° of inclination, this inexpensive gaming chair has a spine and cervical cushion.
To complete the ideal fit, the EC3 has a swing system from 3 ° to 18 ° degrees, more extensive than most chairs.
The maximum recommended weight for using this chair is 150 kilos.
If you intend to play or work for hours, know that this design and accessory are ideal to avoid injuries and discomfort.
Another feature that gives it excellent quality and comfort is a filling with high-density foam.
Thus, the chair becomes a better cheap gamer chair with good ergonomics, more durable, without creating deformations in the foam.
With AIR Tech technology, it guarantees more excellent breathability, without losing its PU leather lining.

5.PCYes Mad Racer Sti
Cheap Gamer Chair for Amateurs
If you are starting in the gaming world and want to make the right choice for cost and benefit, PCYes Mad Racer Sti is an excellent option.
To ensure good comfort and fit for gamers, Mad Racer has a padded PU leather lining, making it comfortable without overheating.
Even though it does not have a reclining function, it is already adjusted to keep the back comfortable and stabilized during use.
It also has a Tilt mechanism, which allows the chair’s adjustment with the inclination of the body.
This mechanism makes the moments of relaxation easier without having to change the entire adjustment of the chair.
Another mechanism that significantly helps regulate the regulating piston with lift gas is making it easier to adjust your gamer chair at the ideal height.
The maximum recommended weight for using this gamer chair is 120 kilos.
Finally, its base and structure is made of uncoated PVC, which gives it lower quality and durability than professional gamers chairs.
But it is what helps in the cost-benefit ratio, to still bring a good quality chair at a low price.


More Discreet Gamer Chair

Finally, a cheap gamer chair for those who want something more discreet is DT3 Sports.

Because it has less flashy colors and simple design, it is also highly recommended for those who want a new and comfortable chair in the office. 

Also, when it comes to comfort, DT3 Sports has left something to be desired with an anatomical backrest that follows the body’s curves. For the arms, it has padded support with adjustable height to make it even more comfortable. 

For easy adjustment, DT3 Sports chose for this model a butterfly mechanism that allows easy adjustment.

Thus, through this system, it is possible to activate the rocking function with an inclination of up to 12º or even lock in the vertical position.

In terms of maximum weight, the manufacturer recommends up to 120 kilos. 

Its material is a mixture of PU leather and perforated fabric in the seat, to make the chair less warm and more breathable.

However, it is also possible to quickly clean the material. Its base and structure is made of steel, which guarantees high strength and also durability. 


Now that you know the main features to watch out for when choosing the best cheap gaming chair for you, time to go shopping.

Remember that the gaming chair is not only a comfort item for you but also a safety one.

Anyway, with a good gaming chair, you can spend hours in front of the computer without hurting your back, knees, arms, or neck.

Don’t forget to check out the exclusive list of gaming chairs that we brought you in this article. Certainly, one of them will be the best cheap gaming chair for you. 

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