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best capture cards

Many of the professionals in the field and a large part of those passionate about virtual games use the best video capture card to make lives or share their games.

In the digital age that we find ourselves, it has become commonplace to find players of online games, the so-called “eSports,” sharing their matches in lives (live).

It is also widespread for famous YouTubers to analyze the most popular video games that receive several “views” on their channels.

Best Video Capture Cards 2020

Taking screenshots or recording videos with a dedicated capture card results in 4K Full HD image transmissions. That way, it provides better quality images, whatever your purpose. The uses of these devices are diverse.

For example, you can record your matches to watch them or analyze them later; you can give your live or recorded broadcasts a higher quality. You can back up your favorite series and movies, among many other uses.

DVD players, video games, cameras, and other different devices can transmit higher quality content through a capture card and computer. There are several models on the market today. So you must understand some concepts before making your purchase.

You need to know how to choose the model that best suits your needs and meets your goals. Read in the text the main details about this product to make a conscious purchase. Come on!   

What is a capture card, and what is it for?

Before we start the buying guide, you need to know the basics. A capture card is a type of device whose main characteristic is to make it possible to transfer sounds and images from VCRs (the classic VHS), professional video camera, smartphone, video game, DVD’s, among many other devices, to the computer to store, transmit or playing. 

These captured files are stored in digital form. For example, they can be stored in MP4 format. Some users use the capture card to capture videos from the computer without using other programs. 

What use do you intend to make of the capture card?

It is intuitive to think that the first thing you should consider when choosing a product is what you will do with it and what type of equipment you will use it with. Therefore, you must make sure that there is compatibility between your capture card and your other device. 

Each type of capture card serves a kind of function. Therefore, it is not possible to use the same capture card for any purpose. For example, you can’t buy one that does high-quality streaming that also records matches from online games. 

Also, you cannot use the same capture card in another function. For example, if you want to connect the camcorder directly to the computer and watch what is being recorded, it will not be possible.

If you want to use it in closed circuit surveillance, you will need a capture card with several input ports of the same format to connect multiple cameras.

So, be clear in your mind what your new capture card’s purpose is so that you will have no problems when using it.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Capture Card 

If you plan to purchase a video capture card, you need to take some criteria into account when purchasing. That’s because only then will you be able to make the correct choice for your purpose of use.

Therefore, we selected some of these topics that are important for purchasing your video card that will undoubtedly facilitate your choice.


Nowadays, it is no longer worth considering buying a capture card that cannot record video in at least Full HD. If possible, it is much better to purchase one that allows you to capture in 4K resolution. This is because this is the newest standard to be used in the market. However, these are still, without a doubt, the most expensive cards.

Also, it is essential that it can record and broadcast with a reasonable resolution rate. You should consider one that has at least 30 FPS (frames per second).

However, ideally, you can purchase one that reaches up to 60 FPS. This way, you will be able to enjoy a much more fluid image than other cards. Currently, some capture card models are already capable of making lives at 60 FPS and in 4K.

Computer need

If you want a capture card that streams or records content from your computer, you must pay attention to the shrunk model. That’s because he may need a computer or not. The positive side of using a second computer is that it allows the first computer to decrease its performance during capture.

However, the downside of this is that you may need two computers and extra space in your living room or bedroom to position this entire structure.

In fact, in these circumstances, it may be better to record videos directly using the software. In the case of using a video camera or video games, it will always be necessary to use a separate computer. 


Many of the capture card manufacturing companies provide their software for you to perform editing services, perform live streams, record, among many other objectives.

It is worth mentioning that this software are different between functionalities and qualities. Some standards are evolved to the point where you can post comments, and you activate the webcam during your broadcasts.

There are also third-party programs that offer the same functions as the capture card factory software. So, depending on your goal, you don’t have to pay more for the product just because of his program.


As the capture card is an intermediary device, you must pay attention to its connectivity options, both inbound and outbound. As much as some models still have a USB 2.0 connection, they should have a USB 3.0 or higher connection to provide a higher data transfer speed.

The capture card that works with high definition is connected via an HDMI port. However, it is also possible to find others that still have VGA and RCA connections. It would help if you even remembered the audio input and whether it can receive microSD cards to record directly without a computer’s need.


Some dedicated capture card versions can make audio and video capture services from different sources more flexible, combining everything in perfect synchronization.

These productions are essential for those who aim to buy the model that facilitates professional editions. However, it is worth mentioning that these models tend to have higher prices.

Processing power

Capture processing power is required not only for recording and capturing high-quality images but also for image processing and live video transmission. For you to be able to evaluate the processing capacity of your capture card, it is essential to consider the type of processor that is inserted in it.

You can find models with processors as powerful as the Intel i5, Intel i7, among others. It is also necessary to pay attention to the RAM of the device, both type, and quality. So, please choose at least one DDR3. However, it would be even better if you got a DDR4.


If you intend to transport the capture card with a specific frequency, you must choose one with small dimensions, and that is lighter. That way, it will be easier for you to upload it, and you will be able to record your games wherever you are.

Also, you will be able to use it when participating in any competition in your favorite game!

What is the Best Capture Card?

Best Capture Card

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S + Capture Card 

Best Video Capture Card

Dimension: 1.9 x 11.2 x 7.5 cm | Weight: 109 g  | Resolution: 4k | Connectivity: HDMI

This is the perfect capture card for anyone who wants to stream their game in as few steps as possible. The Elgato are experts in this area, and the HD60 S is proof of that.

It is reasonably priced and super simple to use. This is probably the best way to start if you’re new to streaming, and your gaming computer can’t do it all alone. 

If you want to transmit your skills with the highest quality, you can with this Elgato HD60 S + media player. The zero delay pass allows you to play your favorite game with up to 4K resolution while capturing and streaming your gameplay videos in Full HD.

This streaming media player Elgato HD60 S +, connect with incredible ease to computers and consoles via HDMI. Also, it includes a variety of tools to add effects and improve the quality of your flow.

This capture card will leave you more than satisfied. It is, without a doubt, the best capture card for those looking for an excellent model. 

Avermedia Capture Board Gl310

Best Cost-Effective Video Capture Card

Dimension: 7.1 x 2.3 x 13.2 cm | Weight: 118g |  Resolution: 4k | Connectivity: HDMI

This capture card is the successor to lgp. The Avermedia GI310 maintains the ability to preserve HD video quality and features the Hot Button for recording and streaming in just one click!

In addition to its attractive form, it has very intuitive software for live editing. It has the ability to record directly to your micro SD card if you prefer to leave your HDD free of large videos.

This capture card is very flexible, mainly if you record on the go. Without another complicated setup of shortcuts, you will be able to focus only on your game. Its cost-benefit is the best on the market!

Elgato 4K60 Pro Capture Card

Best 4K Capture Card for PC

Dimension: 1.9 x 11.2 x 7.5 cm | Weight: 95.3 | Resolution: 4K HDR10 Connectivity: HDMI

The best capture card for PC is undoubtedly the Elgato 4K60 Pro. It has an impeccable capture and passages 4K60HDR10. With it you can enjoy the passage of 240 Hz in the configuration of your dual PC.

In addition, you can activate your workflow with ultra-low latency instant game viewing technology.

You can also use flashback recording to save videos retroactively and record unlimited 4K HDR10 images directly to your hard drive.

AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme Portable 2 Plus

Best Capture Card for Nintendo Switch

Dimension: 14,5 x 6 x 5 cm | Weight:  499 g | Resolution: Full HD and 4K | Connectivity: HDMI, USB 2.0 and Micro SD

The Live Gamer Extreme 2 (LGX 2) is an upgrade to its predecessor, the LGX. It maintains its extremely fast and ultra-low latency connectivity.

This capture card can capture videos in Full HD (1080 pixels at 60 fps), adding the video pass function for Ultra HD resolution, 4K at 60 fps.

If your goal is to buy a capture card that meets your Nintendo Switch needs, this is the right tool! 

Corsair Elgato Game Capture HD60S

Best Capture Card for PS4 and Xbox One

Dimension: 11,2 x 7,5 x 1,9 cm | Weight: 104 g | Resolution: Up to 1080 pixels | Connectivity: HDMI and USB 3.0

Another option is the Corsair Elgato Game Capture HD60S. This capture card provides instant streaming. Also, it features a high performance via a secure connection, USB 3.0, to bring Instant Gameview to an external capture solution.

Now, your configuration is powered by superior low-latency technology, and with the built-in Live Streaming feature, you can be up and running on Twitch or YouTube in the blink of an eye. With Stream Command, you can customize stream layout without limits. 

Add your webcam, with overlays, alerts, and more, and switch the layout on-the-fly with favorite scenes. You can add your voice with the built-in live commentary feature, and you’re all set for the big show.

It also features instant recording. HD60S is always ready to save your most important moments, even if you don’t press the record button. 

With Flashback Recording, go back in time on your PC and hit the record button with retroactive effects. Perfect for the recorded hours of your best moments in unmatched quality. You will be able to access them directly precisely where you need them. You will be immediately ready to create the story.

With this capture card, capturing the game is just the beginning!

EZCAP Game Capture Card

Excellent and Cheap Capture Plate

Dimensions: 1.9 x 11.2 x 7.5 cm | Weight: 109 g | Resolution: 1080 pixels | Connectivity : HDMI, USB and AV.

If you are looking for a good and cheap capture card, EZCAP is perfect. It features HD video capture up to 1080 pixels from an HDMI source, component video, or composite video.

This card also has HD output to connect large displayer. It works with OBS on your computer for streaming live video. It also has a recording schedule, snapshot, recording resolution, watermark, and mute/volume adjustment. 

With the playback function, you can play the recorded video directly on the recorder. You can delete the files you want as well.

It works with Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, HD Camera, set-Top Box, medical devices, and any other device HDMI video output connections. 


Now that you know the main characteristics to keep in mind when choosing the best capture card for you, you are certainly much safer to make the right choice.

Be sure to take into account all the information we have brought. Also, be sure to get to know the models we brought as the leading candidates for the best capture card on the market for you. For sure, one of them will be the best model for your use.

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