Gamer office: What is the best model in 2020

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If you love games and are always up to date with game news, you certainly know that the gaming cabinet, the subject of today’s article, is one of the most important items.

It is nothing more than the body, the structure that houses all the systems of your gamer PC. And despite having the same function, there are thousands of options with different characteristics for sale on the market.

If you are looking for a case to assemble your gamer PC and leave it the way you want and need to know the main advantages, features, price and where to buy it, be sure to follow our article! Here we will clarify your main doubts and show you different models of the product.

First, the most important

  • The gamer case is essential, as it is the one that supports all the components that will make your PC a gaming machine.
  • It exists in different sizes (small, medium and large), which are directly related to the height and length of the pieces it will contain.
  • It is a very democratic product, which can be found in different brands and at a wide range of prices. In this Guide are listed gamer cabinets that cost between R $ 140 and R $ 945.

Best gaming cabinets: Our recommendations

PC gaming accessories come in different options, colors, sizes and configurations and the gaming case is no different. To find the one best suited to your needs and tastes, check out the list of products we have prepared below.

  • Corsair Crystal 460X gaming case
  • Aerocool Aero-500 gaming case
  • VINIK Vx Gaming gaming case
  • Blue Case BG-015 gaming case
  • Aerocool Si-5100 Gamer Case
  • Aerocool Si-5101 gaming case

Corsair Crystal 460X gaming case

Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Tempered Glass Gamer Case, ATX Mid Tower Corsair Compact Case, 460x, Other Components

Corsair’s gamer case has two tempered glass panels to display all the setup components and has a mid tower size with a compact design that fits normal-size ATX cards and various graphics card configurations.

It offers liquid cooling support with capacity for CPU and GPU loops, in addition to AF140L and AF120L fans for excellent performance and low noise levels.

The peripheral performs complete dust filtering at the bottom, front and top and accompanies several cable management and velcro options so that the cables can be easily organized.

Aerocool Aero-500 gaming case

Aerocool, Mid Tower Gamer, Aero-500 Window, EN55583, White

This gamer case has dust filters for protection of the source and on the top panel (magnetic), easy to remove and clean, two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port and control for up to two fans built into the top panel.

The case also has seven expansion slots and a Micro ATX / ATX / Mini ITX motherboard. It also has a fan at the rear.

It is a spacious cabinet, with plenty of room to store all cables, offers drawers for three hard drives and comes with a bag with thousands of screws for assembly.

VINIK Vx Gaming gaming case


This gamer case has a smoked acrylic window, LED strip with seven interchangeable RGB colors, support for cable management, source cover and is compatible with micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards.

It has space for 2 hard drives and four expansion slots. In addition, it comes with a separate fountain cover with compartment and front support for watercooler up to 240 mm.

Blue Case BG-015 gaming case

2 Bays Bluecase Gamer White Without Source - Bg-015

The Blue Case option is for those who want to build a server or gamer computer with excellent cost-benefit. It has a modern design, resistant plate, knurled screws, air filter, USB 3.0 and support for up to five fans.

It is compatible with ATX and Micro ATX motherboards, has P2 input for audio and front microphone and transparent side cover. It also comes with a one-year reseller warranty with the official distributor.

Aerocool Si-5100 Gamer Case

Mid Tower Si-5100 En58348 Gamer Enclosure, Aerocool, Computer Accessories, Black

This gamer case has a mid tower structure with USB 3.0 on the front, an audio input and a microphone input, two USB 2.0 inputs and a 120 mm rear cooler.

Supports ATX, Micro ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, contains seven expansion slots and 1000 W power supply power.

Its measures are 430 mm high, 198 mm wide and 425 mm long. Comes with fan and manual.

Aerocool Si-5101 gaming case

Mid Tower Si-5101 Gamer Case, Aerocool, Computer Accessories, Black

All black cabinet with clean design and classic interior, which keeps all the respective components safe. Supports two 12 cm fans on the side panel and the front panel, respectively, for a total of four extra fans.

It also includes an 80 mm fan on the rear panel and supports video cards up to 298 mm long and GPU coolers up to 150 mm high.

Spacious and classic in design, it can hold up to five HDDs and three 2, 5 SSDs. In addition, the cabinet’s plate thickness is 0.5 mm.

Buying Guide

The gaming cabinet may often not be remembered or considered as important, but it is one of the most essential accessories in the gaming world. It not only holds the entire system structure, but also has many other essential features for the game routine.

In order for you to find the ideal cabinet, we have created this Buying Guide with the main features, advantages and disadvantages and other details, such as values ​​and places of purchase. See below.

Image shows a boy from the back playing on a gamer PC

What is a gamer case?

Just as game enthusiasts spend hours choosing accessories like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, headset, chair and more, the gaming cabinet is also a very important piece for setting up the setup.

Although many people think they are all the same, in fact, the case exists in several options, types, layouts and sizes, such as the Mini-Tower, Mid-Tower or Full-Tower, for example.

In addition to obviously containing all the cables and systems of a computer, it ends up defining the actual size and capacity of your PC.

It is nothing more than the skeleton of your computer, but, unlike an ordinary case, it contains glass or acrylic parts for the interior to be seen, lights that flash according to use and many fans to keep it from overheating.

The gaming cabinet also allows for a series of customizations, with the possibility of inserting or excluding different parts and components, making it the best possible machine for your game.

What are the advantages of a gamer case?

One of the coolest points of the gamer case is that you can assemble and customize the way you want. With flashing lights, more than a cooler, several video cards. The choice is up to you.

The product also has the ideal internal space for a big processor, a powerful video card and RAM needed for complete, fast and efficient gameplay.

Another advantage is that with the gaming cabinet, a support for holding cables is usually accompanied, thus making the environment – which is already full of accessories – much more organized.

Another positive point is that the HDMI, USB, audio and microphone inputs are clearly visible, usually on the front of the case, making your gaming routine easier.

Image shows a black gamer case

In addition, it is equipped with coolers, fans and fans, leaving the equipment very ventilated, reducing the risk of it heating up, being slow and, in the long run, ending up spoiling.

As a disadvantage is the fact that the gamer case is often much larger than an ordinary one. Because it needs to house a series of components, it needs a larger structure, thus taking up more space.

They also tend to be more expensive than the normal PC case, due to all the features mentioned above, such as more power and the possibility of customization.

Are you interested? Unsure whether to buy or not? See the table below for the advantages and disadvantages of the gamer case in a comparative way.Benefits

  • Can be assembled and customized to the user’s taste
  • Ideal internal space for all components
  • Has cable support to keep the environment organized
  • USB, audio and other inputs are clearly visible and easily accessible
  • Equipped with coolers and fans to keep you cool


  • Larger, taking up more space than regular cabinet
  • More expensive than conventional ones

What are the essential points for assembling the gamer case?

You already know that a gamer case can be assembled, equipped and customized to your taste and needs. But do you know how to assemble it?

Good equipment is essential to maintain the quality and, especially, the functioning of all the components that will be part of your gamer computer.

The necessary parts for the assembly are, at least: video card, motherboard, processor, source and memory. The cabinet must also be well cooled, so it must have fans.

And it is very important to emphasize that the fans are installed in the correct positions so that they do the right functions: the front and side fans send the cold air inside and the rear ones draw the hot air from inside the equipment.

Pay close attention to the question of compatibility between the motherboard and the processor. They must have the same socket. The motherboard must also have the video card compatible slots.

For the assembly to be well done and the PC gamer to work perfectly, also be very careful if all the components talk and are compatible with each other. It is necessary to check each configuration of each one of them when buying.

What are the main differences between the gamer and the conventional case?

If you made it this far, you clearly already know that the structures for each type of goal are different from each other. But do you know what the main differences are?

Find out a little more about each divergent feature between the gamer case and the common case in the table below.

Gaming CabinetConventional cabinet
SizeLarger to easily accommodate all partsSmaller and more compact
DesignThey have a bolder design, with bold shapes and different colorsThey are usually basic and discreet, with few details
PerformanceThey are equipped with more powerful components for good gameplayDepending on the model, it is equipped with common systems

What precautions should be taken when tampering with a gaming cabinet?

Just like any electronics, the gamer PC can break and stop working. As a gaming cabinet this is also possible. And what to do when it happens and how to move without causing any data?

It is important that the peripheral is analyzed by an experienced professional, but there are some precautions that can be taken by the user himself. One is related to electrostatic energy.

Before moving the cabinet, the energy that may be accumulated in the structure needs to be discharged so that there is no damage and the components are not burned.

If you really need to open the case to find out what happened, turn off the computer and remove any cables that are connected. Start by unscrewing the screws located at the rear.

With the cover removed you will be able to see and have access to all parts. Take care with sharp parts, such as the edges and hooks of the cabinet. After that, be careful to put the cover back on with the right fit so that it is not bent or warped.

Image shows a set up of a gamer with monitor, keyboard, cabinet, mouse, microphone, and headphone in a dark environment

How much?

The gamer case can be found with a huge range of prices. They will be related to the brand, size, capacity and components.

You will find the structure with very affordable prices that will fit in your pocket, but you will also see the accessory at very high prices. The choice will depend, of course, on how much you are willing to spend.

In this guide we put options that cost between R $ 140 and R $ 945 to meet different financial conditions.

Where to buy?

Since everything we imagine can be easily found on the internet, your gamer case you can also find while browsing any web page.

Stores such as Brazilian Amazon, Lojas Americanas and Mercado Livre sell the cabinet, as do online versions of electronics stores, such as Mega Mamute and Shop Info.

Want to buy in a physical store? See the office and ask questions with experienced salespeople? Then go to any supermarket chain, like Carrefour or Extra, that has an electronics section.

And always remember: it is essential to read and check all the comments, evaluations and complaints of the gamer case you are looking to buy. This will save you from unpleasant surprises with a sloppy purchase.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare the different gamer case models

When buying any type of product, you need to know what the purchase criteria are and, mainly, how to choose the best model among so many similar options.

To assist you in this mission, we have compiled the list below with the main points that must be taken into account when purchasing. See what they are.

  • Size
  • Design
  • Brand
  • Configuration
  • Price

Below we explain in detail each of the criteria to help you acquire the gaming cabinet that best fits your needs.


Although it is naturally larger than a conventional one, you can find the gamer case in several sizes.

In the market the different sizes are called:

  • Mini-Tower, which is the small one;
  • Mid-Tower, the medium and the most recommended;
  • Full-Tower, which is great and suitable for those who will use many VGAs and watercoolers.

The size of its structure will also be related to the height and length of some of the components, such as the video card and the cooler, for example. It must be large enough to safely fit all parts.

This is a criterion that can also be decisive according to your gaming environment and the space it will have for the office.


Gamers’ cabinets have a bolder and more modern design than conventional cabinets.

With diverse formats, they can be colored, more discreet colors, have several lights and so on.

You can find different types on the market, of different sizes, colors and formats. For this reason, this is a criterion that ends up influencing the purchase of the structure best suited to your taste and also physical space.


Gamer accessories are usually associated with brands. If you have the mouse, keyboard and monitor from such a company, you probably go after a case of the same brand.

But you can also mix several names and end up opting for the machine that best fits your taste. There are some more renowned and famous brands, such as Corsair, NXZT, Colermaster and Thermaltake that end up being chosen by many gamers.

Like it or not, the purchase is often linked to the name of the manufacturer and the reputation it has in the market.


You can buy the gamer case already assembled, with the factory components and the standard configuration. In this case, this feature ends up influencing the purchase, as you will choose the structure that best suits you.

But you can also assemble the case, configuring it according to your taste. If you want to add lights, more coolers, change the motherboard or the source, it gives you that possibility.

The configuration of a gamer case can be the way you prefer and you can adapt it to your needs and also pocket.


As the gamer case is a product that varies widely in price, this is a very important and also decisive factor when buying it.

If you pay for an accessory that is more expensive, you will be taking home a stiffer system, more powerful components for a proposed machine to run perfectly and faster.

However, you also find more affordable options, with simpler configurations, but that can perfectly suit you. Here we list offices of at least R $ 140 and, at most, R $ 945.

It is a very democratic product and you will surely find what suits you best, with your gaming habits and needs!