Gamer table: Learn how to choose the best option of 2020

Image shows a player at a table holding a gaming mouse and wearing a gaming headset

Today we are going to talk about the gamer table. In addition to the mouse, keyboard and headset, there are thousands of other accessories for players to improve their technique and the special table for this is one of them.

Of different brands, prices and sizes, the product serves as support for all the paraphernalia used during matches of your favorite games, whether they are racing, fighting, adventure or FPS.

In order to let you know which model best fits your needs, we have listed some options for sale and also raised tips, advantages and disadvantages, as well as prices and where to buy them. Be sure to check it out!

First, the most important

  • The environment in which you are playing is very important to have a good experience. The gaming table helps to easily accommodate all equipment.
  • The furniture is found in different configurations, with or without drawers, special compartments, supports and organizers, as well as USB ports and LED lights.
  • Made of different materials that reflect its price and durability, in our Guide we present the gaming table from R $ 280 to R $ 4,500.

Best gamer tables: Our recommendations

Although the gaming table has the same function, there are different models available for purchase, either on the internet or in a physical store. In this Guide we will help you choose the ideal one. See below:

  • Thunder X3 AD3 gaming table
  • FORTREK gaming table HMG01
  • Siena Móveis IDL XP 5k00 gaming table

Thunder X3 AD3 gaming table

Thunderx3 Hex 120cm Ad3 Mmesa Gamer - Windows

This model supports up to 50 kg and has hex lighting in RGB. With fixed frame of coated iron, it offers input for USB connector.

Its top is 120 cm by 70 cm and the table is ideal to provide comfort after long gaming sessions. The product comes with a three-month warranty and its particle board is 25 mm.

FORTREK gaming table HMG01


With striking green details, this model was designed to support the best setups on the market, offering resistance with its metal base and coated MDF top.

It is 76 cm high, 120 cm wide and 82 cm deep and also comes with a 12-month warranty from the factory.

Siena Móveis IDL XP 5k00 gaming table

Gamer Table IDL XP 5k00 Siena Furniture Black / Green

The table of the Siena Furniture brand is 75 cm high, 136 wide and the main material in the manufacture is MDP. It was developed to improve gamer performance and modeled with a focus on comfort.

Practical, it has exclusive space for cabinet, facilitating the setup of the setup. It also has space planned for the use of conventional chairs or gamer and four others for organization and personalization of the user.

Buying Guide

Notebook, mousepad, chair, keyboard, gamer monitor … There are several products created for PC and video game players and one of them, which helps in performance, is the gamer table.

Designed to accommodate all your gaming accessories and peripherals, they need to be the right size to fit your entire gaming setup. In doubt which model and type to buy? This Buying Guide will help you!

Image shows a boy sitting at a table in front of three monitors

What is a gamer table?

Whoever plays on the notebook or PC knows that some accessories are necessary for the game to be first class. The first, of course, is a computer that supports games and their needs.

The other peripherals, such as mouse, keyboard and headset, for example, help a lot to improve the experience. A gamer chair makes large gaming sessions more comfortable and healthier for your spine.

Just like a conventional one, the gaming table is nothing more than support for all these products. It will accommodate and support everything needed to play.

However, designed specifically for games, it has some special features, such as regulation, lighting, resistance, among others.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the gaming table?

Being a gamer or playing as a hobby requires some care. Do you need to have equipment suitable for the game and how to accommodate it efficiently and safely? This is the main advantage of the gaming table.

Another positive feature of the product is that it is also very resistant, made of materials to last, and capable of supporting a large amount of weight.

It is also designed with the player’s posture and comfort in mind. With it, the chances of developing problems in the spine or other parts of the body are less, since it was designed to be more ergonomic than conventional ones.

The gaming table can have a series of compartments, making it ideal for keeping your gaming environment organized, thus improving your gaming techniques.

The “accessory” is also available in different shapes and sizes, making it easier to choose the table that best fits your environment and needs.

As a disadvantage is that they usually have a higher price than a desk or office table, for example, due to their functionality.

Another factor that can be considered negative is that they have a different design and appearance, more striking and bold than a conventional office desk. If you prefer more discreet furniture, it can be a little more difficult to find a gaming table with this feature.

Want to see the advantages and disadvantages of the gaming table in an easier way? Check the table below with the characteristics placed comparatively.Benefits

  • Accommodates gaming equipment well
  • Very resistant, made with quality products and that will last
  • Designed taking into account the player’s posture and comfort, avoiding muscle pain
  • With compartments, keeps game environment organized
  • Available in several formats and sizes


  • Higher price than a conventional table
  • Little discreet, has a more striking and bold design

What is the difference between a gamer table and a conventional one?

If you have read this far, it is already clear that a gamer table has characteristics different from an ordinary table and that they influence – both positively and negatively – your gaming experience.

Of course, a traditional table can meet your needs, but if you are willing to invest in one designed especially for games, you will feel the difference.

See in the table below some details that are presented differently in a gamer table and in a common one.

Gamer tableConventional table
ConfigurationMore compartments and special supports for gamer equipmentFeatures only common drawers and compartments
MaterialMade of wood and steel and PVC, they are very resistant and withstand heavy weightsAlso of wood, steel and PVC, or glass, which is more fragile
PriceUsually more expensiveDepending on the table, it can be found at affordable prices

What is the ideal size and configuration of the gaming table?

Are you looking for a small, compact gaming table that accommodates only your gaming notebook? Or a big one, with lots of space, for two or more monitors, PC, keyboard and mouse?

The gaming table exists in many sizes, models and with different functionalities, created to make the player’s environment as organized and efficient as possible.

A desk or office table can serve to accommodate your notebook or PC, but it certainly will not have all the features that a gamer has.

Drawers, compartments, cable management systems, special top, support, LED lighting … These are just some of the features found on the gaming table that will help – and a lot – to enhance the gaming experience.

If you want more space, comfort and convenience and are willing to spend a little more, you can be sure that this product will make a big difference for you to stay focused on what really matters: the game.

The gaming table is a slightly underrated product and even left out. Many people do not think it is necessary, being easily replaced by a conventional one, and others do not even know of its existence. However, it is ideal for organizing your gaming space

How much?

It is not surprising that a gamer table is usually more expensive than a normal one. A quality piece of furniture, which delivers what is necessary, can serve to support your equipment and cost less, but your game will be improved with one designed specifically for this purpose.

So it is worth investing a little more and purchasing a product that delivers what you need when you are playing. In this Guide we list gamer tables between R $ 300 and R $ 4,600.

Where to buy?

You can find the gaming table on several websites, both for products in general – such as the Brazilian Amazon, Mercado Livre and Lojas Americanas – as well as on online pages of furniture and joinery stores, such as Madeira Madeira, or games, such as the Rocketz Store.

If you are going to buy on the internet, be sure to read comments and reviews from people who have already purchased the product in question so that you can make a good purchase.

If you prefer to check the furniture in person and talk to a salesperson experienced in the subject, you can go to the large supermarket chains, such as Extra, or home appliances, such as Ponto Frio.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different models of gaming table

Like everything in the gaming world, there is a wide variety of gaming tables for sale on the market. How to choose the best one for your taste and need? What criteria to take into account?

To help with this task, we raised the points below. They can serve as a guide for you to acquire your first gaming table, ideal for you. See the list below:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Configuration
  • Price

Next, we will explain in detail each feature that must be observed to make the most appropriate purchase.


The size you want from your gaming table is an essential factor in making the choice. It will also depend on the available space you have to accommodate it.

A larger table will fit more than two monitors, for example, a larger PC and all other gamer accessories. However, if your equipment is more compact and you don’t have as many peripherals, a smaller one will be enough.


The furniture is found in different materials and they directly influence the price and durability of the gaming table.

wooden table , for example, is very resistant and has a more traditional design, but is heavier.

There are also PVC and steel tables , which are very light and portable, practical to be transported to other locations or moved.

And, although there is a glass gamer table and it is very elegant, it is not the most suitable, as it is more fragile and can, yes, break, depending on its strength when playing and the weight of the equipment.

Image shows a gamer keyboard and mouse on a table


The product has different configurations. It can have drawers, compartments, cable organizer, CPU support, LED lights or it can simply be a simple surface.

If you have a lot of equipment and accessories, a table that stores them more neatly in drawers can be an interesting option.

The more space and options for organizing the table, the more enhanced your gaming experience will be, as there is nothing like playing in a systematic environment.


And of course, the price of the gaming table is also a key factor in the purchase. As stated earlier, this is a more expensive product than the common one, as it has special characteristics.

You find on the market a very simple table with less resistant materials for cheaper prices. But, to create your ideal gamer space, a more expensive table, which lasts for many years, is more interesting.

It remains to be seen whether the cost-benefit is worth it for what you are looking for at the moment. The variety is wide – from R $ 280 to R $ 4,500 – so try to find a good balance between a price you can afford and the quality that the product offers.