Gaming Chairs 2020

Want to know which gamer chair to buy? We at Cissa Magazine can help you!

Spending long hours playing requires being comfortable in a good gaming chair, and believe me, you don’t necessarily have to shell out large amounts for this, because here, we have several models of cheap gaming chairs, at a great cost-benefit.                          

And to help you choose the ideal chair for your profile, we have separated good models of gamers chairs, which are successful among the most avid players. In this list you can check the most varied models, with many positive specifications, as well as prices that fit in your pocket!                     

All the following gamer chair models feature comfort, ergonomics and performance, leaving your gaming session with a beautiful face. Just choose the ideal features you want and enjoy the most ideal model for you. Don’t waste time and roll down!  

XZone Adjustable Tilt Gamer Chair CGR-01

Cadeira Gamer XZone Inclinável Ajustável CGR 01

If you are looking for a modern, ergonomic and comfortable gaming chair, get to know the Tiltable XZone right now. Because in addition to having all PU synthetic leather covering, with the seats referring to those of sports cars, this chair also has an incredible adaptation to the body, covered with high density injected foam.

Especially for you, gamer, who loves to spend hours in front of the PC, the XZone has a swiveling and reclining base, with elevation by gas cylinder, with an adjustable backrest from 0 to 140 degrees!

In addition, the look of this gamer chair does not leave much to be desired, because even providing the best possible comfort, it offers a more challenging and technological air for your setup, pleasing the eyes and the body, especially.

For sure the Tiltable XZone is a great investment in every way. Its durability and ergonomics make it one of the most coveted objects for a good setup, considered a purchase that never lets you down!

MaxRacer Skilled Gamer Chair

Cadeira MaxRacer Skilled Azul

If you want to feel on a real throne, in a comfortable way, determined to beat all the bosses of any gamer, the MaxRacer Skilled Gamer Chair offers itself as your true ally on the battlefield. With its incredible RELAX swing-type system, your comfort will be prolonged, especially when you have a small super well padded headrest.

Forget the issue that to get a good gaming chair you need to spend stacks and stacks of money. With MaxRacer Skilled you get a part of your setup at a very friendly price!

In addition to all the advantages of having a good chair for your gaming hours, MaxRacer Skilled still has a Class 4 gas piston and Mold Form Foams with a density of 50Kg / m³.

And a very interesting detail is that it comes with an incredible support capacity of up to 150 kg, and a reclining backrest from 90 to 180 degrees. Don’t waste time and invest in this great gamer chair, here at Cissa Magazine, at a super low price!

MaxRacer Bunker SMI Regen Gamer Chair

Cadeira MaxRacer Bunker SMI Regen Vermelho

With no need for introductions, but that still deserves to have its specifications exalted, the MaxRacer Bunker SMI Regen makes you feel like a true throne and acts as a great cost-effective gamer chair in 2020.

This chair has a super modern, beautiful and functional design that will optimize the space around you 100%. Developed to optimize marathons of long hours of games, and ideal for those who work or perform entertainments that they keep for long hours in front of the computer.

The MaxRacer Bunker SMI gamer chair has massage technology, together with a control for regulation and a whole apparatus in the seat and back, with equivalent vibrations, giving the best comfort for your gameplays.

Oh and it also has 100% Mold Form foams, responsible for raising the level of comfort and durability of your gaming chair, eliminating worries and maximizing the satisfaction of hours of gaming!

Thermaltake GT Fit GTF100 Gamer Chair GC-GTF-BRMFDL-01

Cadeira Gamer Thermaltake GT Fit GTF100

In order to carry out your longest and most intense gaming sessions, it is very important to be accompanied by superior comfort compared to conventional chairs. Therefore, we recommend you to buy the incredible Thermaltake GT Fit gaming chair, a model elaborated and meticulously developed so that perfection takes shape and the comfort item reaches new heights.

Along with Thermaltake’s very large anti-fatigue pattern design, this gamer chair has its construction made with high quality materials, offering the option of adjusting to different tilt and rear angles, also acting as a great option for home office.

Maintain the correct posture and the integrity of your body while performing radical maneuvers and accurate strokes. Feel absolute comfort right now in the position that suits you best, winning all matches in any game that requires hours of gameplay.

With an all-PVC coating, also providing a highly practical lift gas, the entire structure of this beautiful gamer chair will offer you a superior integrity, spending little on a purchase of much use, which perfectly balances the comfort and performance you always longed for.

MaxRacer Tatical Gamer Chair

Cadeira Gamer MaxRacer Tatical Preto

Another suggestion that gets a lot of prominence in the midst of the gamers chairs, for sure is the MaxRacer Tatical! With an ergonomic standard that exceeds NR 17, your hours of gaming will never be the same after this big addition to your setup.

If you intend to invest in something of extremely high durability, providing the best comfort for your back, MaxRacer Tatical is the right choice! This gamer chair has 3D arm adjustment, with rotational support and the arm goes up and down, offering perfect positioning for the elbows during their long hours of gameplay.

The MaxRacer Tatical gaming chair has 100% nylon casters, with silicone finish and double swivel. In addition, all its gas lift stands out for its class 4, quality A! And to improve even more, its coating is entirely synthetic PU matte, with adjustable back angle from 90 to 180 degrees. Without a doubt, this is a beautiful choice of gamer chair for your day to day in front of the bosses of any game.

Multilaser Warrior GA160 Gaming Chair – Black

Front Multilaser Chair GA160 Black / Green

Developed primarily with a focus on details and within the highest points of quality standards, we present to you the Multilaser Warrior GA160, which stands out for its price and guarantee of excellence in a single product for your setup.

Going through a thorough process that aims to deliver an ergonomic and durable chair, the Multilaser Warrior comes with a seat in moderate-high density foam and fully coated in PU, PVC, MESH and Wood material.

No fatigue, just extreme comfort for hours playing your favorite games, using an adjustable tilt angle of 15 degrees!

Do not let pains be a misfortune for you to accumulate victories in the most radical and challenging games, buy now the Multilaser Warrior GA160 gamer chair that you will certainly not let go of!

Thermaltake GT Comfort GTC500 Gamer Chair

Cadeira Gamer Thermaltake GTC500 Preto/Vermelho

Who also answers the question “what is the best gamer chair?” It’s the Thermaltake GT Comfort GTC500.

Thanks to the incredible performance of this gamer chair, it is much easier to achieve maximum performance within your games. Since it provides amazing comfort while you play for hours and hours.

With an aerodynamic design, responsible for its optimized seat cooling process, where air flow passes directly through the seat by means of compression, preventing air loss and offering maximum efficiency and comfort for you who are a true gamer!

It also features a breathable mesh under a PVC leather with unique ventilation holes, increasing cooling and reducing noise and vibration.

In addition, the Thermaltake GT Comfort GTC500 is a fully reinforced gaming chair with casters and a five-point base, detailing a rest seat with dense foam padding, lumbar backrests, adjustable height and width arm, hydraulic seat adjustment, reclining chair and tilt function.

It is also reinforced with casters and a five-point base; rest seat with dense foam padding; backrest with lumbar support; arm with adjustable height and width; hydraulic seat adjustment; chair recline and tilt function.

1 ° – ThunderX3 TGC12

ThunderX3 TGC12

The ThunderX3 TGC12 is our choice of best overall gaming chair. It is durable, comfortable, has several adjustments and has great weight capacity. Furthermore, we consider the price fair.

The model has a well-known look in this segment of chairs. Shell-style, with more aggressive details and removable pads in the cervical and lumbar regions. The brand offers several color options but some are difficult to find.

Another strength of TGC12 is the quality of finish. ThunderX3 got it right on that point, the seams are well done and the synthetic leather is of excellent quality.


  • Excellent finishing quality
  • High weight capacity (150Kg)
  • Various adjustment options
  • With pads (cervical and lumbar)


2nd – Mymax MX7

Mymax MX7

The Mymax MX7 is another great option, with more focus on the cost-benefit ratio. It is cheaper than the TGC12 and offers very interesting features.

Despite having a slightly inferior finish, the structure is very resistant, all in metal. It also supports up to 150Kg, offers a good level of regulation and accompanies the cervical and lumbar pads.

There are several color options available, but the most common ones to find for sale are red and green.


  • High weight capacity (150Kg)
  • Various adjustment options
  • With pads (cervical and lumbar)


  • Finishing slightly less than competing models

3rd – ThunderX3 BC3

ThunderX3 BC3

Another successful sales in Brazil, BC3 is a little cheaper than TGC12, has a great finish and a robust structure.

As in the other two models, the capacity here is 150 kg and the cushions are also present. The big difference of this for the two chairs mentioned above is that in this one the adjustment options are more limited.

It also has a good range of colors and most of them are easy to find. The highlight is the camouflage models that draw a lot of attention and differ from most chairs on the market.


  • Good finish quality
  • High weight capacity (150Kg)
  • With pads (cervical and lumbar)


  • Fewer regulation options than competitors

4 ° – ThunderX3 Yama1

ThunderX3 Yama1

ThunderX3 surprised by launching mesh gaming chairs last year. The ThunderX3 Yama1 is in our view the best choice for those who prefer this type of backrest.

In addition to the breathable fabric, the model has a great finish and a very durable structure. It also has several adjustments despite being one below the traditional models in this regard.

The big downside of Yama1 is undoubtedly the price, which is relatively high. At the time of writing this review it is going for about R $ 1300 in Brazilian online stores.


  • Mesh backrest (doesn’t get too hot)
  • Excellent finishing quality
  • High weight capacity (150Kg)


  • High Price
  • Without cushions

5 ° – PCYes Mad Racer STI Master

PCYes Mad Racer STI Master

The PCYes Mad Racer STI Master is, according to our analysis, the best option for those who want a cheap and satisfying quality gaming chair. It costs an average of R $ 500 and serves very well for those who have a medium weight.

The structure is relatively durable but we do not recommend the model for those who are heavier. Despite the brand saying that the equipment supports up to 120Kg, we believe that in practice 100Kg would be the most appropriate limit.

The model also has no regulations, but we believe that this is justified by the low cost of the product.


  • Low price
  • Durable structure


  • Low capacity (up to 120Kg)
  • Few adjustments
  • Without cushions

But after all, what is the best gamer chair?

We highlight in the matter the models that in our opinion are the best options considering some needs and expectations of Brazilian consumers.

The first is the best overall, according to our analysis. The ThunderX3 TGC12 has a durable structure, great finish, high weight capacity, and different adjustment options.

The Mymax MX7 is a slightly cheaper chair than the first one on the list and still offers interesting features. It can take a lot of weight and has a very resistant metal structure.

In the third position, you find the ThunderX3 BC3. It has a good finish, durability, and losses only in adjustment options for the TGC12. But its cost is also a little lower!

For those who prefer models with breathable backrest, we recommend the ThunderX3 Yama1. It is a sturdy, comfortable chair and is the first in the gamer category with a screen backrest. Unfortunately, it is relatively expensive!