The 4 Best Gamer Combos to Buy in 2020

Best Combo Gamer

Gamer fever has been pleasing to young people and adults all over the world. Not surprisingly, the e-sports industry has been growing at around 45% a year. With this growth, the technologies that the market presents are renewed day after day, and with the speed that the novelties have appeared in the gamer market, the options for those looking to start playing are very diverse. Therefore, choosing one of the best gamer combos has become an increasingly difficult task.

Why Buy One of the Best Gamer Gamer Combos?

Although it is possible to assemble a computer from scratch, gamers’ combos are an easy time to choose every machine’s detail.

To build a mighty gaming machine, you’ll need to choose the right mouse, a good keyboard, a good headset, and even a good mousepad.

With so many pieces to choose from, the task of assembling the set alone is much more complicated and often more expensive.

Thus, choosing a Combo Gamer can make a choice easier, and it can be a great advantage to the cost-benefit.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Combo Gamer?

The general gamer combo consists of a mouse, keyboard, Headset, and sometimes Mousepad.

To choose the best gamer combo for you, it is necessary to pay attention to several details, including the lighting, the quality of the equipment finish, the durability, and the battery.

Each of these components will assist in your gaming experience in a way and should, therefore, be chosen with great care.

Check out some tips to evaluate each component of your future gamer combo:


It is no secret that the mouse’s lighting and keyboard in the Gamer’s combos highlight the sets. Especially in aesthetic terms, the backlighting of the keyboards and the mouse helps a lot in the Gamer’s good experience.

Currently, almost all gamers combos have lighting. Some have a single color; others already have systems capable of illuminating across the RGB spectrum, which reaches an incredible 16.8 million different colors.

While single color combos only allow lighting intensity settings, Full RGB combos contribute exciting to the Gamer experience.

This is because it is possible to adjust the brightness of the lights and customize effects so that, for example, the keyboard lights up blinking, shines through sounds, waves, or even pulsation.


When researching a gamer combo, one of the most important factors to consider is its performance.

Several factors must be understood by performance, such as the response time of the keyboard keys and the click of the mouse. Factors like this can be crucial at the time of a match.

How to choose a gamer keyboard?

In addition to the factors already mentioned about the combo gamer as a whole, it is essential to be aware of the mouse and keyboard’s exclusive factors.

In the case of the keyboard, it is possible to find keyboards in mechanical and membrane versions. The difference between the technologies is undoubtedly in their response time and the noise when they are pressed.

Mechanical keyboards are more straightforward but still have a better response time and are incredibly accurate, but are often noisy.

Membrane keyboards work via electric current induction and are usually quieter and cheaper. 

Although it may seem an obvious choice to opt for the faster and less noisy keyboard, this choice is not always advantageous.

It all depends on the type of game you intend to play. This is precisely what will determine what your keyboard investment will be.

How to choose a gamer mouse?

Choosing a gamers mouse is also not an easy task. This equipment’s particularities make it a super-specific item depending on the type of game preferred by the gamers.

For gamers who choose to play games like Counter-Strike or Overwatch, that is, shooting games, the preference should always be for a mouse with too high speed and accuracy.

To further improve the gameplay, some mice designed for shooting games also have customizable peripheral buttons.

This means that it is possible to adapt the reload command to a side button, which makes the game much more agile. In terms of DPI, these mice tend to be more sensitive, so they have very sharp precision.

For gamers who choose MMO or MOBA games, that is, they usually play World of Warcraft or League of Legends, for example, the idea is to choose mice with multiple buttons.

These types of mice allow the player to do several actions simultaneously, thanks to the extra buttons located mainly on the sides of the mouse. These side buttons can be customized as shortcuts for specific activities.

Finally, if your choice is for a wireless gaming mouse, it is super important to be aware of the average battery life to make sure the mouse does not turn off during an important game.

How to choose a Headset and Mousepad gamer?

A few gamers combos also bring the Headset and the Mousepad. If you choose combos that include these items, it is essential to be aware of some details.

In the case of the Headset that will assist in the communication of online games and also in improving the game experience, it is essential to check the quality of the sounds, the cancellation of noise, the quality of the microphone, and, of course, the comfort at the time of use.

In the Mousepad case, the main characteristics to be checked are the comfort at the time of use and the performance of the mouse over the Mousepad.

Currently, the best mousepads for gamers have structures capable of assisting in mice’s operation, making them perform at their maximum performance.

Ranking: What is the Best Combo Gamer?

Now that you understand how to evaluate a combo’s quality, you may still be in doubt about which one to choose.

To assist you in this challenging mission, we have brought you the preferences of our team. Check out!

Razer Cynosa Pro + DeathAdder + Kraken Essential + Goliathus V2 Speed

Best and Most Complete Combo Gamer

This gamer combo is a complete combo bringing in addition to the Mouse and Keyboard, an excellent headset, and a mousepad, both designed to improve your gaming experience further.

The Razer Cynosa Pro is a too precision keyboard with membrane technology. It has several lighting effects in up to three colors and a dedicated game mode.

The mouse of this combo is the Razer DeathAdder that brings a super comfortable design and 2,000 DPI. It also features up to three colors, and its braided fiber cable is super resistant.

The Razer Kraken Essential Headset brings a complete immersion for the gamer. Its sound is customizable by the Razer Surround calibration software for an even richer experience.

Finally, the Razer Goliathus Speed ​​is a mousepad designed to allow fluid movement of the mouse, thanks to its smooth and uniform surface.

Corsair K55 RGB + Harpoon RGB

Best Cost-Effective Combo Gamer

In terms of cost benefit, this is the best combo on the market according to our team.

The Corsair k55 keyboard has several backlight modes, 6 dedicated keys.

The Harpoon RGB is a super comfortable and precise mouse. Its DPI rate ranges from 250 DPI to 6000DPI which makes it super adaptable for different games.

Razer Cynosa Pro + Deathadder

Intermediate Gamer Combo

For those looking for an intermediate combo, the Razer Cynosa Pro + Deathadder is more than enough.

Although the full version of the combo, including Headset and Mousepad, is the most recommended for a complete immersion in the gamer world, this keyboard and mouse bring incredible gameplay for precision, comfort, and performance.

It is worth checking out this combo before making a final decision as it guarantees a very intense gaming experience.

Razer Cyclosa + Abyssu

Cheap Combo Gamer Kit

Those who are just starting on a gamer journey and want to opt for an inexpensive entry-level gamer Combo this combo are the ideal choice.

The Razer Cyclosa Mouse is a very accurate and comfortable mouse to adapt the wrist to longer matches.

Its on-the-fly driver works by adjusting the mouse’s sensitivity during games, and its 1800 DPI helps in the precision and performance of the mouse.

The Abyssu keyboard brings all the functionality of an entry keyboard to the gamer world. It is a keyboard with programmable keys that get the macro function, which helps in the set’s gameplay.


Now that you know the main features to be evaluated when purchasing your combo, choosing one has become a much less complicated task.

Still, be sure to consider purchasing one of the gamer combos recommended in this article. They can meet your needs and increase your performance in various games in the world of gamers.

If possible, be sure to test some models to feel the differences of each one and which one best suits your style, which keyboard is the ideal size for your taste, and which mouse is the most suitable. Adapts the palm of your hand.

Only then will you be able to combine one of the gamer combos’ good performance with the comfort you will need in longer matches.

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