The 6 Best Gamer PCs to Buy in 2020


The market for the so acclaimed “gamer PCs” is one of the most promising today. Every day more and more people, especially young people, are entering the world of gamers and even making it a profession. Check out today, which is the best gamer PC to buy this year.

To keep up with this strong trend, the technology market has made available to consumers more and more parts, gadgets, and even computers.

Thus, choosing (or assembling) a gamer computer is not a simple task. To help you choose the best PC gamers, whether for recreational use or for, who knows, professionalizing in the field, we have brought this article.

Here are some vital information when choosing your machine and, in our opinion, the 6 best Pcs Gamer to buy. Check out!

Why buy a PC Gamer already Assembled?

Especially for those starting in the gamer world, one of the most significant doubts is if the ideal would be to choose a PC Gamer already assembled or assemble your machine.

More experienced gamers usually choose to build their pc, since there is more freedom to build a machine suitable for a specific game. However, it would help if you decided to purchase a gamer PC already assembled for little in the gamer world.

This is because the cost-benefit of purchasing a machine already assembled is much higher than making piece by piece. Another critical factor is the level of knowledge that one must have about creating a genuinely functional PC Gamer.

When choosing to assemble, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of each of the parts and check their compatibility. When the PC Gamer is assembled, it takes a long time and is known so that the machine does not disappoint.

Therefore, investing in a PC Gamer assembled will be the best option since the cost-benefit is better. There is no need to worry about the compatibility and assembly of the parts.

Buying Guide: How to Buy a Computer Gamer?

To buy a Gamer PC, you need to be aware of several factors.

Among the most important are the quality of the processor, the amount of memory, the video card’s compatibility with the games you usually use, among others.


The processor is an essential part of the performance of the PC Gamer.

When choosing a processor, it is essential to check three main factors: the number of cores, the clock speed, and the cache.

The brands that dominate the market are Intel and AMD, and both have been competing strongly in the Gamer market.

The best processor for PC Gamer today is the Intel Core i7-8700K, a powerful 3.7 GHz clock speed processor and six cores.

To better understand processors, check out our exclusive article that provides a complete step-by-step on choosing the right processor for you.


RAM is also a component that needs to be of high performance to keep up with the power that a PC Gamer has.

To choose a good RAM for games, it is necessary to consider mainly the frequency speed of its modules, which above 3000 MHz already presents performance well above that of PCs for everyday use and sufficient for those starting in the gamer world.


Choosing the ideal storage for a PC Gamer is not an easy task.

The HD of this type of machine needs to be powerful to perform well when playing games.

With the Gamer market’s growth and the constant evolution of games, computers need to be increasingly more vital.

It is no different with HD: to keep games running without crashes and their graphic quality, the minimum of internal storage to have a complete experience is 1TB.

For those who are more concerned with the PC Gamer’s storage, it is possible to choose an HD SSD. However, this should be the choice of those already used to the world of gamers, and mainly, it should be the choice of those who have some slack in the budget. 

In no way should the SSD be the priority when choosing your PC Gamer, first look for video cards and first-line processors to select the SSD.

Video card

One of the essential items of the PC Gamer is the Video Card.

This is because she is responsible for bringing the game’s images and making the player have the complete visual experience possible.

A sound video card will bring better clarity and fluidity in the display of game information, in addition to a good scene resolution.

To choose a Gamer PC with a sound graphics card, you need to check at least 3 pieces of information: the card clock, the card memory, and the cores.

In general, the higher the numbers in terms of clock, memory, and core, the better the card’s performance will be.


Another item that requires extra attention when buying a Gamer PC is the motherboard, and for that, we have an article to show you the best motherboard.

The motherboard is responsible for making all communication between PC devices.

Some high-performance motherboards are not compatible with all processors.

In buying a PC Gamer already assembled, it is a great advantage not to take care of compatibility.

When checking the motherboard’s quality when it comes to PC Gamer, some factors to be taken into account are the maximum size of the memory, the ports and connections, and the DDR memory channels.


Choosing one of the best cases for a PC Gamer is not an easy task.

Thus, it is necessary to consider some essential points, such as the size, quality, and performance of the refrigeration system and the number of inputs.

The size of the case must be chosen according to the devices of the PC Gamer. This is because the video card can have different sizes, which means that it has to be the ideal size to house it.

Assessing the cooling system’s quality is also essential since a PC Gamer tends to spend many hours working.

This increase in temperature must be controlled by an excellent cooling system to avoid excessive increases in temperature of the components, which in the medium term may damage them and require replacement.


Finally, an item that may even go unnoticed on regular desktops but that in no way can be overlooked when it comes to PC Gamer: the source.

Gamers PCs demand a very high energy consumption since their components have a performance far superior to that of a computer for everyday use, so the use of a quality source can be decisive for the PC Gamer to remain safe and stable plugged in. electrical network.

A good source for PC Gamer must have at least 80% efficiency. Among other desirable requirements at the start are an excellent cooling system to prevent overheating in addition to protection against electrical current fluctuations and short circuits.

Corsair – One Pro

Best PC Gamer of 2020

In terms of PC Gamer, the big champion of the category is the Corsair One Pro Desktop.

It is a powerful PC capable of running the most massive games with total ease.

His processor is the Intel Core i7, and the computer’s memory is 16GB RAM. Already the video card Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1080, one of the best video cards available on the market, brings the gaming experience much more performance and quality.

Acer Aspire GX 783 BR13 gaming PC

Acer Aspire GX-783-BR13

Best Cost-Effective PC Gamer

The Desktop Gamer of the Acer Aspire GX-783-BR13 line is a powerful PC Gamer that features the Intel Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM.

Its video card is the GeForce GTX 1060, capable of delivering good performance with regard to the visual experience of the games.

It has 1TB of storage, which is enough to run the most famous graphics with quality.

It is a significant entry-level PC Gamer for those looking for good performance in the gaming world at a cost not too high.

Dell XPS-8930-A5GM Tower

Best PC Gamer for Most People

For those looking for a Gamer PC that can also be used daily, the Dell Tower XPS-8930.

It is the ideal PC Gamer for those who are starting in the world of games but still don’t know much about their style or what the main games will be run on their machine. 

The processor of this device is the 8th generation Intel Core i7. The Dell Tower features 16GB of RAM.

Its video card is the GeForce GTX1050Ti. In terms of storage, the Dell Desktop Tower brings 2TB of memory, capable of running incredible graphics without much effort.

Asus ROG-X450

Our Choice

The Pc Gamer Powered by Asus is the favorite of the geek360 team.

It is a high-performance PC when it comes to games.

It brings 2TB of storage ready to run the most complex graphics, in addition to 16GB of RAM.

Its video card is the GeForce 1070 Ti, ideal for making the gamer visual experience even more realistic.

Finally, its processor is the Intel i7 8700k. Anyone looking to enter the world of gamers by investing in a computer that impresses, or even seeks to upgrade the equipment to raise the game level, should undoubtedly consider the PC Gamer Powered By Asus.

PC ITX Gamer

Best Water-Cooled Gamer PC

The ITX Gamer PC has a competitive advantage due to its water cooling system.

Thanks to this system, it is possible to play for much longer without overheating the computer.

In addition to the system, the ITX Gamer PC also has an Intel i7 7700K processor, the excellent GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, and 16GB of RAM.

Thus, a PC can deliver a good experience in the world of games with enough security against the inevitable overheating of the machine.

Inspiron Dell INS-5680-M10

Best Intermediate PC for Games and Work

The Dell Inspiron Gamer PC is an entry-level computer in the world of gamers.

It was designed to satisfy those who seek good performance in games and work activities such as spreadsheets, video calls, and even image processing or creating projects.

Its processor is Intel Core i3 enough for this activity but not spectacular.

It has 8GB of RAM plus 1TB of storage.

Its video card is the Nvidia GTX1050 has enough performance for those who start in the world of games and those who need to work with image editing programs or even with project software such as AutoCAD. The factory windows are Windows 10.


Now that you know the main aspects to consider when choosing a PC Gamer, you are ready to start in the world of games.

Remember that your computer’s style needs to be under your favorite games so that your experience with the game is as complete as possible.