The 6 Best PC Sources of 2020

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Anyone who uses a PC often knows the importance of being protected. In this sense and especially in the case of a PC Gamer, one of the most important equipment is the source.

This is because the set of parts that a computer includes, including the processor, the memory, and the video card, need enough power to work 100%. Whoever supplies the power to the system is precisely a source of quality. Lower quality fonts can cause a lot of damage to your PC, so in this article, we brought you some super important information about fonts for PC.

We also bring an exclusive list of the best PC fonts available on the market today so that you can choose yours. Check out!

Why Have a Quality Source for Your PC?

If you use a good computer, you know how it makes a difference to build a machine powerful enough to meet your needs. To deliver this power, a quality source is needed. This is because, when dealing with the electrical network, absolutely everything can be dangerous: a light fall, unwanted voltage variations, and even shorts that can cause massive damage to your machine. So it is essential to keep a quality source close to your pc.

Take a look at what can happen to computers that use a low-quality power supply:

The Source May Not Support the Power Required for Your PC

It may seem absurd, but it is a widespread problem among those who chose a source of dubious quality. When connecting this type of source to the PC, voltage instabilities are likely to occur. These instabilities are capable of impairing, sometimes irreversibly, the overclocking capacity and the entire performance of your computer. 

The Source Can Short or even Catch Fire.

Who has never seen a video of a device on Fire when plugged in, right?

In the case of fountains, this can also happen, and the main reason for these accidents is the poor quality of the materials on which the fountain was built. Indeed to lower the production costs, manufacturers choose to use these materials and end up putting the PC and users’ health at risk. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best PC Source? 

To choose the best PC font, you need to be aware of some of its features. Getting the choice right is not a difficult task as long as you pay attention mainly to your PC components’ factory information. 

The Video Card, for example, is an indispensable item to be analyzed. This is because, especially in PC Gamers, it is the component that consumes the most energy in the entire computer.

The manual or website of the card manufacturer you use will present information on how many watts of power the card uses. So you can start thinking about the best source for your PC.

In general, companies usually suggest a minimum font value so that you can safely use the card. This suggestion is generally close to 450W of power. 

Whoever is always at the computer certainly needs to put the coolers in the consumption account. Coolers are responsible for the cooling of the PC and with it, the security and the excellent performance of it. The manufacturer will also provide the optimal power for the coolers you use. 

Finally, but also very important, it is time to add other components such as the motherboard, memory, processor. In general, the whole set consumes an average of 200W of power. However, analyzing the information given by the manufacturer is always the safest option. Mostly because, depending on its use, the Pc can consume higher power values. 

When you add all this up, you will get an idea of ​​the source’s minimum amount of power to send to control your computer. That way, your PC will work with much more security and adequate performance.

Do not forget to include value as a safety margin to avoid failures during use. 

Power Supply Calculator

The Power Supply Calculator is an online tool available for those who do not want to take the risk of doing the power bills by themselves.

With it, it is possible to list all the computer components and receive an indication of the best power for your source. The tool is in English, but its use is quite intuitive and straightforward, it is worth taking a look. 

Buying Tips

Now that you know how to calculate the ideal font for your PC, you may still not be sure enough to make the purchase. There are still other precautions that can facilitate your choice. 

As we already talked, one of the main tips is that when doing the calculation, you always include more Watts in the required power. This guarantees a margin of error to deal with voltage variations, for example. From these numbers, you will begin your search for the best PC source. 

Another essential tip is always to be aware of the source you are purchasing. Always give preference to the original fonts.

Generic fonts are often built from low-quality materials and tend to deliver less power than they promise. With that, a generic source may end up damaging your computer. 

Another detail that can assist in indicating the quality of the font is the 80 Plus Seal. This seal guarantees the buyer that the source delivers at least 80% of the energy efficiency that it promises in its specifications. 

Ranking: What is the Best PC Source of 2020?

You know the main features to pay attention to when buying the font for your PC, time to choose the ideal model. Check out our exclusive list of the best PC fonts on the market. 


Corsair RM850x

Best Source for PC Gamer

Especially for gamers, fonts need to be looked at with more care. In general, PC gamers usually need much more power than an ordinary PC used only for browsing the internet. 

Thinking about it, Corsair, a powerful brand in the technology field, put on the market the best source for PC. This is the Corsair RM850x, a source of great power, excellent security, and zero noise. 

That’s right; one of the most significant advantages of this source is how quiet it is—a relief for those who spend hours at the computer and do not want to deal with noise. 

The CORSAIR RMx Series fully modular power supplies are designed with high-quality components to deliver 80 PLUS Gold certified power to your PC and operate silently.

This model delivers 850W of power and flawless operation. The font is entirely modular and has been designed with high-quality material. Thus, the PC receives energy without being susceptible to accidents resulting from short or voltage variations. 

This unit also features 80 Plus Gold certification, ensuring that the promised power will be delivered to your gaming PC. 

This is the best source for PC Gamer as it brings together everything a powerful PC needs in power supply. 


Masterwatt 750W

Best Cost-Effective PC Sourc
In terms of cost-benefit, Masterwatt is undoubtedly the best source for PC on the market today.
It is an equipment that does not overdo the price and still delivers excellent quality. Whether for home PCs, Gamers PCs, or professional PCs, this power supply can power the PC leaving it protected from accidents with the power grid. Its power supply is 750W, enough for several PCs that consume a lot. Even so, be sure to check your computer’s consumption calculations.
Its 80 Plus Bronze certification guarantees that at least 85% of the power promised by the manufacturer will always be delivered to the PC—one more reason to trust the power of your PC to this source.
To make the power supply even better, all of its cables are made of first-rate material. All this technology present at Masterwatt was designed to make it even more efficient and safe to use.
It has four connectors for video cards. These four connections are great since it may be necessary to connect two cards that require two inputs. All cables from this unit have nylon protection. It is only required to mention that it does not have a modular cabling system as it is an input source model.
Another super positive point of this font is its size. Super compact, you don’t need to save much space for it. They are only 14 centimeters deep and 15 centimeters wide.
Also, its operating temperature is 0 to 40 degrees. However, Masterwatt has, in its structure, a 12 cm fan capable of controlling the temperature of the source during operation. This way, the original is not at risk of accidents resulting from the increase in its climate.


Silverstone Six

Best 300W PC Power Supply

If you need a not so high power supply, Silverstone Sfx is an excellent model. It has 80 Plus Bronze certification, which guarantees at least 85% of the factory promised. In other words, no surprises regarding sudden variations in power delivery. 

Another attractive advantage is that it is a genuinely compact source. Its dimensions are 12.5 centimeters wide, 6.35 centimeters high, and only 10 centimeters deep. Excellent to leave mounted in any corner. 

It has six pins for PCI Express connection, eight pins ATX 12V and all cables are covered with mesh. With this coating, the user is safer and the losses resulting from the increase in temperature, for example, also decreasing.

This power supply also has an 8 cm fan designed to keep the power supply temperature stable. This fan’s speed is controlled automatically, so the source itself can perceive the temperatures and act to prevent them. 


Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W

Best RGB PC Source

According to Thermaltake itself, this source was the first to include RGB in its construction. It is an excellent 700W power supply capable of feeding most of the setups. Still, be sure to calculate the minimum power required by your machine to avoid surprises about power. 

In it, 256 colors are pre-defined to match the rest of your machine—an exciting design, especially for PC gamers. 

In its specifications, some points are quite impressive. Among them the quality of the material on which this source is built. This quality is what manages to avoid shorts and even bigger accidents like explosions and mini fires. 

Also, Thermaltake is extremely quiet, yet so powerful. This is because the construction of the fountain was thought to be as slow as possible.

For example, its fan brings excellent automatic control of rotation, which also assists in the silent operation of the source. The fan is also essential for maintaining the temperature of the part. With it, it is possible to guarantee the best efficiency without losing security. 

Another advantage is that Thermaltake offers several inputs such as 6 SATA 4 pin, 8 Pin (4 +4) ATX 12V. 

Finally, it is a source certified with the 80 Plus seal, guaranteeing a minimum 87% efficiency. 


Evga Atx 700w

Best Cheap PC Source

If you are looking for a good source but do not have enough money available for a large purchase, Evga tax is an option to be considered. This is because, among the cheapest sources, this model is the one that works best in several aspects. 

The 700W power it delivers is more than enough for most PCs. Still, you must calculate the energy required for your machine. 

As for the material on which it is built, Evga leaves nothing to be desired. It offers quality and security even if its value is less. This power supply certification is 80 Plus White, so its efficiency is always above 80%, which guarantees the user a minimum power, even though there are some small voltage variations. 

Its operating temperature is 0 to 50 degrees, a relatively high temperature. Therefore, to keep the temperature at acceptable levels, Evga also brings a fan that assists in temperature control. 


Real Plus 1200W

Best Source for Top of the Line PC

Now, if what you are looking for is a source of extreme quality, Real Plus can be your choice. Although it is necessary to invest a considerably higher amount to acquire this source, it is worthwhile. 

With the delivery of an absurd 1200W of power, this unit can power even the most powerful PCs. In the case of those who use PCs with such an energy need, it is essential to choose a quality source.

Thus, you prevent accidents involving PC power from happening. Therefore, unnecessary expenses and headaches are avoided, which certainly makes the value of Real Plus worthwhile. 

A value that impresses when it comes to Real Plus is its efficiency. The manufacturer promises at least 92% efficiency, a very high cost when compared to other PC sources on the market. 

Also, it is a modular source built of high-quality material. Thus, the chance of accidents such as short circuits or even parts on fire is almost nil.

It is undoubtedly the most suitable source for those looking for stability, reliability, and high quality. 


Now that you know a little more about the importance of a good source for your PC, you can start the search for the ideal one for you.

Among the models on the market, indeed some of them will be the best source for PC for your use of your computer. Be sure to take into account the suggestions we have given in the list above. One of them can be the ideal source for you!

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