The 7 Best RGB Gamer Keyboards in 2020

Best RGB Gamer Keyboards

Choosing the best RGB gamer keyboard possible is undoubtedly one of the best strategies for the best performance in the most diverse games. With the recent gaming fever, more and more companies invest in creating more powerful equipment and prepared for high-performance gambling.
In this sense, it has become a significant challenge to choose the best RGB gaming keyboard for your use. This is because different keyboards may be better or worse for each game, and it is necessary to take into account several characteristics of these keyboards to make the right choice.

This article brings you a series of super relevant information that will help you get faster to the best RGB gaming keyboard for your best performance. We also brought an exclusive list with the best RGB gaming keyboards for you to know. Check out!

What Are RGB Gamer Keyboards?

Gamer keyboards are keyboards designed to improve the performance of the online gaming player significantly. For this, these keyboards are built with different materials to support the most intense use necessary in gambling. 

In addition to their more resistant material construction, gamers’ keyboards also have several improvements compared to standard keyboards. These improvements are mainly intended to increase the responsiveness of commands and improve sensitivity to the same commands.

Thus, for the most part, gamers’ keyboards are of the mechanical type, which are more durable, more accurate, and sensitive. 

The RGB Gamer Keyboards brings the improvement of the lights in red, green, and blue. Based on these three colors, many of them manage to reach a series of thousands of other colors, making the keyboard completely adapted. 

Although RGB colors may appear to be a mere decorative aspect, they can improve the player’s performance. This is because he can define the colors that will light up when executing each command and thus have the light’s visual stimulus, confirming that the command was given. This helps to avoid mistakes during games. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best RGB Gamer Keyboard

The great difficulty in choosing the best RGB gamer keyboard for you is understanding the aspects that make a difference in the equipment. That’s because, with the growth of the gaming market, RGB gamers’ keyboards are increasingly complete and confusing, especially for those new to the business.

In this sense, it is essential to know each of the best RGB gaming keyboards’ main characteristics to get it right in your choice.

RGB categories

Considering that the RGB gamer keyboard is the focus, one of the first things that should be known about the keyboard is the RGB categories. This is because this type of category will directly influence the price and the RGB gamer keyboard.

In general, there are two possible categories for RGB keyboards: customizable and non-customizable. Although the vast majority of the gamer market has some customization level, some cheaper models still have only one type of configuration, which may not please some gamers.

Another point within customization that also deserves attention is the level of customization. 

Some models on the market allow you to create a color design within your profile and share it with other users. As well as specific colors for individual keys, synchronization with music and other various customizations.

Likewise, some RGB gamers keyboards have only some of these functions or even have effects, but the manufacturer already programs all. That is, these models end up not being personalized.

Mechanical Keyboard or Membrane Keyboard

A very common question of gamers looking for a keyboard is its architecture being mechanical or with a membrane. Therefore, each operation must be properly understood to choose the best RGB gaming keyboard for you.

Mechanical keyboards are keyboards that work with individual keystrokes. That is, all of its keys work individually.

This keyboard architecture reflects some aspects of it, such as greater precision and also speed. So, if you are a professional gamer or intend to invest in a keyboard with these characteristics, know that mechanics are ideal. However, it is necessary to know that its price is higher in membrane keyboards.

Membrane keyboards work in a more interconnected way. This is because its mechanism occurs through the induction of electric current below the keys, in what we call the membrane.

The main positive point of this type of keyboard is its cost. After all, it is much more accessible than the membrane keyboard. However, it is necessary to be attentive, because as its keys work together, when more than one key is pressed simultaneously, slowness may occur.

This slowness, which is also called the Ghosting effect, can significantly disrupt those who use the RGB gamer keyboard and search for speed and precision on the keys.

Size and Ergonomics

Another feature that is very important to analyze is the size of the keyboard. Despite being a feature that is often ignored, it is necessary to remember that gamers usually spend a lot of time in front of screens.

In this sense, having a keyboard that exactly fits your hand’s size, the distance between keys, and all the ergonomics is critical.


Keyboard connectivity comes in three types: PS / 2 standard, USB port, and also wireless.

The first model of PS / 2 standard is the oldest of the three options and is being replaced by the USB port, which are currently much more options and mobility for gamers. 

The third possible option is the wireless keyboard; However, it brings even more mobility. It is essential to be aware that it depends on the connection. Therefore, there are more chances of slowing down. In addition, since it works in wireless mode, the use of batteries is normally required.

Extra Functions 

Finally, an important feature, especially for those who like shortcuts and quick settings, is extra functions.

That’s because many keyboards have keys that can serve as shortcuts like sound, screen settings. Some newer models also allow the user to define what the resolution will do.

Ranking: What are the Best RGB Gamer Keyboards?

Best RGB Gamer Keyboard

1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Best RGB Gamer KeyboardWHAT WE LIKE

  • Smooth mechanical keyboard
  • Durable brushed aluminum material
  • Good internal storage
  • Removable wrist rest
  • Easy-to-access media controls


  • No audio pass
  • Dirty wrist support with ease
  • expensive

If you want to purchase the best RGB gaming keyboard on the market, with excellent performance, response time, and great color settings, get to know the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum.
Firstly, its structure and design provide excellent durability and also modernity for the keyboard. This structure is made with brushed anodized aluminum, which greatly reduces possible scratches and oxidation.
The RGB lighting is fully customizable. This configuration takes place through Razer Synapse.
In terms of performance, the K95 RGB Platinum has a mechanical type of architecture, which guarantees greater precision, speed, and simultaneity. Corsair also made available six dedicated macro keys.
With them, it is possible to record information and configure them for shortcuts of your choice. Its location at the end of the keyboard has been strategically designed for easy access by the gamer.
Its internal storage is 8MB, so there is no need to reconfigure the keyboard when transporting it or to install it on another machine. This is because this memory is used to store all the customization that the gamer chooses.
Finally, this keyboard also has a removable and soft-touch palm rest with two sides. Thus, it is essential to ensure the correct comfort for your wrists if you spend hours playing.

Best Cost-effective RGB Gamer Keyboard

2. Alienware AW 768

Best Cost-effective RGB Gamer KeyboardWHAT WE LIKE

  • Good cost-benefit
  • 15 macro key functions
  • RGB divided by zones
  • Foot and wrist support adjustments
  • Beautiful, angular design
  • Bulking roll
  • Simple and easy installation


  • Made with plastic material
  • AlienFX only works on Alienware systems

Those gamers who want to purchase a keyboard that has the quality and has a more affordable price and consistent with its features, meet the Alienware AW 768.
Its mechanical keyboard type structure achieves incredible speed and excellent useful life, with 50 million touches. The keyboard also has an integrated memory to save all settings necessary for use and personalization.
In terms of custom keys, a total of 15 vital macro functions are available. They can be configured very easily using the brand software.
If you are a gamer who likes to have your moves configured on specific keys or keys that take you to screen and sound settings, the Alienware AW 768 fulfills this function very well.
RGB customization includes 13 different keyboard zones, including the back, more than 6.8 million colors, and various animation effects. All of this can also be easily configured through AlienFX, a very intuitive plug-in.
To contribute to good ergonomics and minimize gamers’ fatigue who spend hours playing games, Dell has equipped the best cost-effective RGB gaming keyboard.
It contains three adjustment angles for the keyboard feet and also removable magnetic support. Thus, it is much more comfortable to play long matches and championships.

3. Redragon K552rgb

Cheap RGB Gamer KeyboardWHAT WE LIKE

  • Affordable price
  • N * Key Rollover Anti-Ghosting System
  • Good construction


  • No RGB customization software
  • No internal memory
  • Noisy keys

If you are new to the gamers’ world or don’t want to invest a lot in an RGB gaming keyboard, check out the Redragon KK52rgb keyboard. In addition to being affordable, it also has good quality.
One of the highlights of this keyboard is its mechanical construction that gives the user a good performance quickly and accurately when playing games.
Redragon also equipped the model with 12 multimedia keys to increase your gaming efficiency and make all the keyboards more customizable.
To further improve their performance, all keys have the N * Key Rollover System. It is with this system that the cheap gamer keyboard can eliminate the ghosting effect of the keys.
Within the customization, the keyboard illumination is of the RGB type with 19 different predefined lighting modes. With the On-The-Fly Lighting control, you can adjust according to your style of play.
Finally, its construction is made with a mixture of metal and ABS plastic. This joint allows the Redragon K552rgb to have high durability and avoid possible scratches.

Best RGB Gamer Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

4. Logitech G513

Best RGB Gamer Keyboard with Numeric KeypadWHAT WE LIKE

  • Great coating
  • Comfortable wrist rest
  • Silent
  • Light Sync Technology


  • Does not have dedicated keys for video functions
  • Intermediate price
  • Requires two USB ports

One point that divides many gamers’ opinions is the numeric keypad. If you want to choose a numeric keypad, check out the Logitech G513, the best in its category.
Its design is very classic of the brand; besides being compact it also has its material, including a very rigid plastic. Also, on the outside, it is also coated with a thin sheet of aluminum and magnesium. Thus, in addition to ensuring a more modern design, it also avoids risks and possible damage.
Another essential point of the structure is that its keys have no frame. That way, it became much easier to clean, mainly because dirt hardly accumulates on the keyboard.
In terms of RGB, the Logitech G513 brings users a fully customizable lighting system. Also, using Light Sync technology, it is possible to synchronize all lights with special game effects and music.
To improve the user’s usability, the keyboard has a USB port that can be useful. For comfort, the keyboard has a comfortable and also removable wrist rest.

Best RGB Membrane Gamer Keyboard

5. Razer Cynosa Chroma Pro

Best RGB Membrane Gamer KeyboardWHAT WE LIKE

  • Very sensitive
  • High response speed
  • 16. Millions of color options 
  • Game Mode
  • Easy to use software


  • Very basic design
  • It may be uncomfortable on the wrists

The best RGB keyboard will undoubtedly be the Razer Cynosa Chroma Pro for those who prefer membrane keyboards. It is a right keyboard that brings a cushioned touch to each of its keys. 

Although it is a membrane keyboard, the sensitivity and agility of the touches remain very high. With the keys’ sensitivity, the player will have much more security when giving commands and feeling the response of the keys.

Its precision also helps in this process. That way, the gamer can perform well in games when using this keyboard.

Another exciting point of the Razer Cynosa Chroma Pro is its backlit keys one by one. With the RGB system, it is possible to program these keys in different colors.

There are 16.8 million color options with several predefined effects for you to personalize your keyboard. You can also customize your color palette.

This is a keyboard with an average lifespan of around 80 million touches. Also, its material is resistant to spillage of liquids.

RGB Gamer Keyboard for Professionals

6. Razer Huntsman Opto Elite

RGB Gamer Keyboard for ProfessionalsWHAT WE LIKE

  • Sensitive keys
  • Wrist rest
  • Exclusive media control
  • Keys with Anti-Ghosting effect
  • Storage of up to 5 profiles


  • No dedicated macro keys
  • Requires two USB ports (power and RGB)

If you want to become a professional gamer, you need nothing less than the best RGB Gamer keyboard. The Razer Huntsman Opto Elite is undoubtedly ideal for those who need performance, agility, and sensitivity.
On this keyboard, you will have susceptible Razer optomechanical switches: its activation force is only 45 G. This way, the user will have much more agility in his matches and will be able to activate the keys as soon as necessary.
Another feature that the Razer Huntsman brings is its extended service life. There are about 100 million touches, on average. That way, you will have enough time to adapt to the keyboard, participate in championships, and have fun with it.
The ease of programming profiles also helps in the performance of the e-athlete. The hybrid memory integrated into the keyboard supports up to 5 custom profiles.
When it comes to comfort, this is a keyboard designed for long hours of gaming. To help protect players’ wrists, it brings an ergonomic rest precisely in the regions of the wrist. The keyboard also has 24 lighting zones in the lower part. Using RGB as a base, you can customize the colors.

Compact and Portable RGB Gamer Keyboard

7. Logitech G Pro

Compact and Portable RGB Gamer KeyboardWHAT WE LIKE

  • Very portable
  • Detachable cables
  • RGB Light Sync
  • Quite silent


  • No dedicated keys

Anyone looking for the best portable and compact RGB gaming keyboard will feel very satisfied with the Logitech G Pro. 

It is an excellent mechanical keyboard, built based on specifications that were given by professional eSports athletes.

Thus, the Logitech G Pro has become an excellent keyboard that combines speed, precision, and exemplary performance in a portable and extremely quiet device. 

The highlight of this keyboard is its switches with Romer G technology. With it, they can deliver performance up to 25% faster than other common switches. With that, the speed of receiving the commands is fast enough that the player does not lose performance. 

Its design is quite elegant and draws attention because it is a much smaller keyboard than its competitors. The fact that it is very compact makes it considerably easier to transport the keyboard, so competitors will certainly take advantage of this equipment. 

As for its RGB, the keyboard has an integrated memory that allows the player’s personalized settings to be saved. It also features light sync RGB technology that synchronizes colors directly with your commands. 

Although it is a wired keyboard, its cables are all detachable USB, making it easier to transport it safely to tournaments. 

The correct positioning of the keyboard is also essential for the player’s performance to be better. Therefore, the Logitech G Pro brings three steps of adjustment angle and rubber feet that bring the necessary stability even for more intense games. 

It is compatible with computers running Windows 7 or later, Mac OS x 10.10 or later.


Now that you know RGB gaming keyboards’ main features, you are certainly better prepared to choose the best RGB gaming keyboard for your use.

Remember to take into account each of the main aspects that we brought up at that time.

Don’t forget to meet each of the candidates for the best RGB gaming keyboard that we put on our exclusive list of nominations. Indeed, one of the models will be ideal for you.

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